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Friday, January 6th, 2023 8:23 PM


Checkin List Allows duplicate entries

​Checkin lists allow one to add the same film more than once, with no indication that this has occurred. It's very hard to think of a good reason for this - why  not just post a message, and avoid the duplicate. Furthermore, the edit facility does not allow entries to be sorted in alphabetical order, which makes it very hard to find duplicates there. So the only process is to find the duplicates in the normal list. sorted in alphabetical order, then use the browser find to locate the duplicate entries in the edit list, and delete all but one.​



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3 months ago

@domnorth Sorry, but this is by design.  Check-ins are supposed to record every instance of your viewing of a title (which is in deliberate contrast to ratings where there's only one rating per title regardless of the number of viewings). 

As to editing features, sorry about the limitations here -- these are temporary.  The problem is that ratings / check-ins / watchlist / general lists are all based on the old IMDb technology.  We have unfortunately built essentially the same features four times over in the past, each with differences in what they can and cannot support owing to what was available when they launched. Once the list features move to our new technology platform, we will be better able to unify all of the features.  We are unable to provide specific timelines for future launches though, sorry. 

Hope this helps.