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Friday, November 18th, 2022 6:59 AM

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Change the order of check-ins in edit mode

​Starting over after noticing a button to log in. (Thought I already was.) ​

​There's a suggestion I've wanted to make for years but had no known way to do it. It regards Check-Ins. I know that this wiki is about the redesign of the Name pages, but I'd be most appreciative if you would transfer this suggestion to those responsible for the Lists pages which I don't have a way to contact (that I know of). ​

​I use my Check-In list to keep track of Titles (and selected Episodes) that I've seen, so adding titles to that list is my main activity there. It currently includes 2280 Titles. Whenever I go to add a new title and click Edit, the default presentation of the list is oldest first (List Order), but to add a new one, I have to flip to Date Added every time I want to edit (i.e., add a new title to) the list. It would be much more convenient for Edit to default to Date Added rather than List Order and have to reverse the order every time I open the list to edit it. ​

​Thank you.​

​HallmarkMovieBuff ​

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