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Wednesday, June 7th, 2023 7:50 AM



Can't edit imdb lists

In Firefox browser (versin 114.0 64-bit) I can't edit my imdb lists. Previously it was work. In the application I will show how it looks:






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4 months ago

Hi @Zombieset -

Based on the information you shared, it's likely that the browser display problem is a local issue.  To help resolve the problem we recommend that you try the following (also documented on our Help Article):

  • If you have any browser plug-ins or ad blockers enabled on your browser, we recommend disabling these and returning to the site to confirm if this fixes the display issue. Ad blockers and plug-ins can change the appearance of our pages.

  • If the page didn’t load properly and the display of the page isn’t right, we recommend opening the same page in a private/incognito tab. If the display is correctly displayed in the private tab, we recommend clearing your browser cache and returning to IMDb.

  • Try viewing the page on a different browser and see if the display issue is occurring on the other browser."

  • Make sure your browser is up-to-date.

Try the above steps, and let us know if you are still experiencing the display issue.

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@Michelle​ Thank You very much!

Сlearing the browser cache solved the problem.