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Wed, Feb 24, 2021 2:05 PM


Allow search by ratings other than the headline IMDb rating

At present, advanced search allows the option of incorporating IMDb rating into a search, but only the headline rating.

I would like to suggest this be expanded to allow search by other IMDb ratings, for example, ratings by top 1000 voters, ratings by women aged over 45, ratings by non-US users etc, etc.

Personally, I find the ratings by top 1000 voters the most useful because they counter nationalist sentiment that can creep into the ratings of films from some countries, but I can see reasons why it would be useful for people to be able to include any of the other ratings in their search criteria.


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2 m ago

This is a fine idea, but I wouldn't be so quick to believe let alone conclude that ratings by top one thousand voters is adequate at countering nationalist sentiment, since those voters may be unconsciously exhibiting nationalist motives themselves. However, we could suppose that the system rather potentially balances cosmopolitan tastes and multiple nationalist sentiments.