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Mon, Sep 26, 2022 8:22 PM



Adding movie to list leads to visibility issues


The problem concerns the following list:

Right after I added another movie to my list, I noticed the visibility issues (explained below) came back:

Once again my list is for some reason not publicly available, despite the "settings" indicating that the list should be visible for everyone (red circle "Public"): 

This issue is (likely) similar to:

Also, earlier this year, I made a post about exactly the same issue. Unfortunately, I cannot find that post anymore(?).

After posting, the issue was quickly fixed for me. Can this be done once more? And how can I prevent this, so that I do not have to encounter this problem again?

I would be happy if someone could fix it, thank you in advance! :)


Above text partly copied from my previous post (exactly the same problem):

Thank you and sorry for bothering you once again with my issue




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2 months ago

Hello @jesse_vasse,


I've fixed issue with the list