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Sun, Jun 23, 2019 5:44 PM


Spoiler mode

Option to turn on or off Spoiler mode, a mode that hides things like how many episodes an actor is credited for in a TV show.

Example: You’re starting a show in which season 1 has 10 episodes, and you want to look up one of the actresses. You go on the shows page, and you see the actress is credited for 4 episodes. That’s a spoiler.

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Please implement a function that makes every rating and reviews hidden.
I want to enjoy the movie/show without seeing what others think about it while I read what the main (spoil free) plot is about in before the actual watch. If I see it’s a 8.8 movie based on users I’ll have big expectations on the movie and it will unconsciously effect my opinion.
I’m tired of holding my tumb or squinting to avoid the rating numbers or color..
I was thinking a simple on and off bottom in the settings, if it’s on; all the ratings/reviews is hidden until you push on the rating you want to see. Best regards a many year member!
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That's an interesting suggestion.