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Sun, Feb 2, 2020 5:31 PM


Lists: [BUGS] links & line-breaks do not render properly in the IMDb iOS app.

On lists, inside the iOS app (don't know about Android etc.), there are two parsing/rendering issues. 

1. Link markup shows (on list item descriptions only, but not on the main list description) instead of an actual link, or simply being ignored and not shown at all on the iOS app

eg. my list here https://www.imdb.com/list/ls096172058 
Item #39 "Funny Girl", I added a description which in browser renders correctly as: 
Only ever joint shared actress award, Barbra Streisand, shared with Katherine Hepburn (in "The Lion In Winter", 1968).
But in the iOS app, shows with the markup clearly visible: 

2. Deliberate next line breaks (on both the main list description AND on list item descriptions) are not recognised in the iOS app

eg. from the same list here https://www.imdb.com/list/ls096172058 
The main list description I added, in browser renders correctly as: 
Titles mentioned in this episode of the programme. 


(bbc: none) 

(NB: I used the link markup (i.e. [link= ) to get them to actually link in the first place. Also I used double spaces (i.e. https://www.blahblahlink.com(space)(space)https://www.blahblahlink.com ), at the end of sentences to get more of a viewable gap between links on the same line in iOS app, as spaces are seemingly recognised and rendered properly on the iOS app no matter how many you use; 1 or 100.) 

But in the iOS app, shows description without the line breaks I deliberately included: 

Of course, both these issues highlight another issue, in that links are not active in the iOS app. That I'm guessing is deliberate for some reason (eg. clicking a link might take you outside the iOS app, maybe?), but the two bugs I show here shouldn't be here. 

Not sure if these issues are known about already? Fixes are due regardless. 

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Il y a 2 y

Hi jimthing,

We don't currently support markdown via the app, but you bring up a good point. I have shared this feedback with the app team and converted this thread to an "Idea" so other users can weigh in.

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Yes, I understand about not supporting/converting markdown (maybe sometime in future, hey). However the use of markdown (in IMDb browser version) should at least be hidden (in the IMDb apps)

Also AFAIU, the natural next line-break should work in the IMDb apps, regardless of markdown being support. 

But anyway, as you said you shared with the app team, so hopefully they'll understand and do fixes. Thanks for replying.