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Tue, Sep 13, 2016 3:08 PM


iMessage movie search

IMDB just updated their app to support an in app search in iMessage. It currently allows you to send a link to the movies main page on to your friends or family. I think it should work a little differently.

When you select a movie to send to a friend it should give the option to send show times, trailer, or a mini info card. The info card will include; movie cover, a description, cast & crew list, a link to show times and a trailer that can be opened in the iMessage app. Plus a more option wich redirects them to the IMDB webpage or app on their device.

Each of the options (show times, trailer, and info card) all have a customized look when sent in iMessage.
Show times with just the movie cover with show times across it. When clicked it expands to show show times at a select theaters, selected by person who sent it.
Trailer will have a trailer and movie title. Which can be played in iMessage.
Info card looks like a baseball card with a movie cover and a little basic info. When clicked on it expands to show more info including a more info option which redirects to the movies webpage or app page.

This seems like a more practical use of an IMDB iMessage app. Especially since the current one simply sends a link with an image link that says IMDb. Doesn't even show the movie cover.
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