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Wed, May 26, 2021 2:13 AM


IMDB vs Letterboxd

I don't know who (or if anyone will ever really read this) but I wanted to put it out there as I'm a big movie buff, as well as someone who has worked in the industry, and there seems to be a MASSIVE opportunity for IMDB. Some of my friends and I currently use Letterboxd as a way to rate films, share what we have watched, and compare ratings and things. I also use it to create a watch list for films I want to see later, and recommendations. But as Letterboxd has seemed to dominate that social space, IMDB has nearly identical features but not as well utilized. I feel like I only use the IMDB app when looking up an actor or director and wanting to know what previous work they have done. 

How incredible would it be if I could "follow" my friends and easily compare our ratings, and see how those fare to others, as well as track what they are watching and liked? Take it the next level up, what if my favorite director/writer/actor/celebrity turned their ratings and reviews to public and I could compare the ratings of my favorite movies to theirs?! Or easily see what their top 10 movies of all time are (or at least top-rated)? I would gladly pay for this feature and that way would I not have everything of the worlds largest movie database, but I could learn from what some of my personal favorite artists' top films are (or even the most recent ones that have been released) and compare my ratings to theirs!

I know there is a "Compared to You" feature, but it's cumbersome and pretty much hiding. I honestly didn't even know about it until today and have been an IMDB member for 20 years. I wish it was more intuitive and just one click away for anyone that has their ratings public. Also, have it access the FULL LIST of comparable films that myself and the person I'm comparing ratings to have watched, not just a handful of them.  One other feature that I found a lot of fun (and time-consuming) on other platforms was an easy rating carousel. So I could click on one button (like "instant review" or "rate movies now") and it would pull up a movie title and poster and automatically set the 10 stars at the bottom or a button of "haven't seen" as well as a "add to watch list" and have it function like a dating app where you get continuous movie after movie to build up your ratings quickly. Maybe it is customized so you can select a category of films from a year/decade, genre, or random. Maybe it is interactive, you swipe left on a film you haven't seen so it "skips" it, swipe right to save it to your watch list cue, or you rate it from the stars on the screen.

My last thought (to the post no one will ever read)... since there have been tens of thousands of users already utilizing Letterboxd, what if you were able to export that metadata (there is a "share" option) and bring it into IMDB and add that info into your profile? There could be a massive shift to your platform and again, making it a social engagement app/platform instead of just a database.

All right, hope this finds the right eyes out there and can make this cinephile happy with a more streamlined and interactive platform for all my film friends, co-workers, and film icons using the same space. Appreciate the time anyone took to read this!

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