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Tuesday, April 20th, 2021 7:21 AM


Display ratings against search results


When using my iPhone, and searching for matches to a particular movie / actor name, or partial name I get a list of results. It would be extremely useful, and time saving, if the overall rating that each result has (if applicable) could be shown to the right-hand side of result e.g.

If I search on “Superman” I get a long list of results, as shown in the image below. 

At the moment, if I need to compare the ratings of all the results together I need to select each line item, scroll down its page, look at the rating and try and remember it, or write it down, before going back to the results list and doing the same again over and over to try and see which ones have the highest ratings compared to others. Not ideal I am sure you would agree.

There also isn’t a function to allow me to sort all the search results by rating, or other criterion, which would also be useful.

It would therefore be extremely useful if, in a, hopefully very soon to be released, update to the app, each item’s rating could be displayed on the right-hand side of each item, on the same line as the title (where a rating exists of course - I realise some items don’t have a rating, such as actors’ names). 

Please would you let me know if this is possible? And if so, when we might see it in an update?

Does anyone else, out there in our wonderful land of IMDb users think this would be a good idea?

Many thanks,


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2 years ago

This should be listed as an idea. It isn't a question.


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@cinephile I agree. I thought I did. Amended now. Thank you