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Wed, Mar 3, 2021 1:43 PM


Bad display of alternative titles without country of affiliation

Hi, it’s not the first time I notice that on the IMDB mobile app, the alternative titles without country of affiliation (field « undefined ») are displayed at the top of the « Alternative title » page (or AKA page). It’s disturbing, because it appears even before the original title. So, that is the first thing a user sees. The problem is limited to the Smartphone app, because these titles without country of affiliation are correctly displayed on the IMDB desktop version (they appear completely at the bottom).

Here are some screenshots for the movie « The good, the bad and the ugly ». The title « Yaxshi, yomon va badjahl » (Uzbek) was displayed at the top without country of affiliation on my mobile

Fortunately, on the desktop version, it was ok (bottom), the original title being the first one to appear:

I solved the problem for this particular example with a contribution of deletion/add to give a country to this title:

But it’s not the first time I see this problem on the Smartphone app and you should display title without country of affiliation at the bottom of AKA page, just like it is on the desktop version. This evolution/correction should be made whatever the IOS is

Thanks for your help



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1 m ago

Hi, can someone from IMDB answer to me ?