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Mon, Apr 11, 2022 4:00 AM

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Add the ability to Advanced Search for films available in streaming providers besides Prime and IMDBtv

Advanced Search is one of my most useful features of IMDb iOS App. Indispensable. You guys/gals did a fantastic job at it. But it lacks 1 feature that keeps it from becoming truly great. It doesn’t allow you to search for movies in specific Streaming services except Amazon Prime & IMDBtv. It’s strange because the page of a movie will tell you if it’s available in a specific streaming service so the information is already there. But this is not allowed in the search for some reason. Please enable this in the “Where to watch” filter

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Il y a 3 m


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Il y a 1 m

I agree.  There is so much data within IMDb, please let us run advanced search on "everything".

I have tried the companies tag, but it does not necessarily match available titles:


finds Disney titles.