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Sun, Jun 16, 2019 7:22 PM


Would it be possible for IMDB to also become a series tracker?

IMDB already has information about every single episode of the series it has on its database, if the web app and mobile app could become a way to track which episode of the series one is on, then it would be well on its way to becoming the most complete service.

Then the watch list could be separated according to completed, watching, dropped etc. Also in the watch-list, the shows could be sorted according the the ones we want to watch the most, to the ones we want to watch the least. This could cater well to the people that are juggling multiple shows at the same time. when adding a show to one's watch list, the user would be able to choose whether they are currently watching, plan to watch, or have dropped the series/movie.

It could even add another feature that shows users statistics based on the shows they have watched, things like how long the user has spent watching series, preferred genre etc

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There are a few “workarounds” on the IMDb app and, probably like yourself, I’ve tried them all. I guess something is better than nothing, but I still keep hoping that IMDb will eventually provide a bonafide, integrated series tracker—and I’ve been hoping a long time!

A series tracker, IMO, should provide an easy-read and easy-mark (single tap) user interface. All workarounds on IMDb require a lot of looking around or a series of taps—quite convoluted.  While I keep IMDb for informational purposes (which no other app/site comes close), true series tracking always forces me to seek out and use a supplemental app—which is almost as annoying as the IMDb workarounds.

Perhaps, one day, IMDb will be the one stop shop that it should be. The hope continues.