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Tue, Jan 16, 2018 5:14 AM


Watchlist: Add dates to watchlist

This had been flagged as answered but the OP issue in not resolved. There is a distinction between date added and date watched. For example I wish to migrate my entire list of stuff I have watched and rate from my Netflix account. Yet if I do so they will all show as the same date because they will all have been added on the same day. In fact date added is rather arbitrary since I could always be adding in bulk new items. However it is important to have the date I watched each thing. And to be able to sort by that as well. Please understand this distinction as it is important to a lot of people. Just take the site goodreads as an example. There are all sorts of people out there looking for a site for movies and TV that bring the level of listing ability as they have yet dozens of sites fall short because their lack in listing feature. IMDB is the only site that has the listing capability almost like goodreads. Thanks.Note: This conversation was created from a reply on: Watchlist date watched.RE moderator moved action: I'll go along with the decision to make this a new discussion even though I am asking for the exact same thing the OP of the other was for as I thought the idea was to have all the info on one discussion so that IMDB can see the importance of the feature.
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