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Wednesday, March 11th, 2020 2:27 AM


New App Search Feature Idea: Search two or more actors and find projects they've a part of together

Have you ever loved the chemistry between two actors on the screen or loved a director/producer duo? Wouldn't you love to have a search feature where you can look them up together to see what film projects they have been in together so you could then enjoy those projects?
Then there should be an app search section where you type in two or more names and the result list would be everything they have acted in together, worked on together, or produced together.
This would also be a useful feature if you're trying to see just how many movies Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan have been in together (I always mix up Sleepless in Seattle and You've Got Mail).
I just really love IMDB and I use it all the time, and I feel like this feature would be super nice to have for future IMDB rabbit-hole searches.
If you all agree with me, let's get this ball rolling! Let's start this feature development!



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4 years ago

I'm not an IMDb app user.
The search you propose is available on the desktop version:

Tom Hanks & Meg Ryan:,nm0000212&title_type=feature,tv_episode,video,tv_movie,tv_special,mini_series,documentary,game,short

You can get to this feature on your mobile device by using the browser of your choice, just as you likely did to post this Idea.