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Thursday, May 7th, 2020 5:24 PM

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Narrowing down Filmography further

When I see an actor and I think they look familiar, is it possible/feasible to add a filter option to differentiate voice-acting from physical appearances, and things you have seen? An actor may have only seven acting credits, but one hundred sixteen voice credits for cartoons, videogames, and CGI in live action movies. If they 'look' familiar, I would like to see what live-action things they have done only. If they 'sound' familiar but not look familiar, then I would like to see all of their voice acting credits first. When an actor's filmography has 1,116 credits, it always seems so jumbled and messy to sift through all the data to figure. If there were a filter option to only show the things you have seen- as listed on your profile or some feature of your account- it would be less intense to find the information you are searching for.



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4 years ago

The iOS app has this feature, "You may know them from..."

You can get a similar list on the website if you go through the Advanced Title Search, but I agree it could be helpful to include in the main name pages:

I also agree it would be good to be able to separate voice credits from other credits.