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Wednesday, April 3rd, 2024 2:47 PM

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Mobile App Suggestion

When you guys redesigned the mobile app some time ago, you put the search button at the bottom of the screen and the search box at the top. On a smaller phone this may not be such an issue. However, with larger phones, this now requires re-handling the phone to move the thumb from place to place to make the search work, which is inconvenient because it requires actually clicking into the search bar to get the keyboard to come up. So now we're clicking the bottom of the screen for the search button, the top of the screen to get into the search box just to get the keyboard to show, and then back to the bottom of the screen to then type the query into the search box.

What would solve this entire issue would be after the search button is clicked, to automatically click into the search box and have the keyboard come up. This would save millions of clicks every day I am sure, and a ton of frustration for users.

Just thought I would throw this out there. Other than that, the app is great.

Thank you.

David Glick

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