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Tuesday, July 2nd, 2024 7:37 AM



Major Bugs - App Unusable

To whom it may concern,

What has happened to the IMDb app? The front page doesn't load and has a "inconceivable page not found". Hardly anything loads up anymore. I can't get into my profile, my settings. I tap on the stars to rate it and it goes blank, I tap on a list that's being shown and it goes blank. Major bugs in it now and barely useable!

Please look at the comments on Google play Store. Many people are having the same problem and are uninstalling the app. 

I love this app, please look into what's going on.

I use a Samsung Galaxy S10 with Android 12



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16 days ago

Hi @PaleJewel,

Please know that for the security of our members, we no longer support login functionality for certain versions of the IMDb App.

• For Android, please ensure that the IMDb App is version 8 or higher

In order to investigate further about this situation, please try the following steps:

- Restart your device

- Clear cookies and browsing history, if applicable

- Ensure that your device and app/web browser have the latest updates

- Attempt to reproduce the issue on a different browser/device (e.g. Chrome, Safari)

- Check your internet connection

- Uninstall and then reinstall back the app

If you've followed each of the steps above and are still experiencing issues, please provide us with the following information:

1. Your device model (e.g. iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy s9, Windows/Mac):

2. Your device's operating system & version (e.g. iOS 11.2.1, Windows 10):

3. Your IMDb app version, if applicable (e.g. 1.4):

4. Explanation of the problem, including clear steps to reproduce the issue:

5. Is the issue also happening with other browser/devices?

6. Have you had this problem before? If so, when did it start happening?:

7. If possible, please attach screenshots of the error/issue you are experiencing:



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Hello Ozzy, 

Thanks for replying and thank you for taking the time to look into this.

I have gone back into the playstore and uninstalled the app. (Even though I had been updating it from my original installation).

The app is now working.

So it seems that I needed to do a complete uninstall at some point rather than just updating.

For your information, I've included a screenshot of what was coming up on many of the screens in the app. Many of the screens went blank and the app eventually would freeze.

Judging by some of the playstore comments, it seems other people are having this problem.

By the way I have also been able to sign in using my IMDB account on the app itself.

Thanks and best wishes.