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Wednesday, October 17th, 2018 5:07 AM


Lists: Various issues with consistency across IMDb interfaces

I have some things I want from the "List" feature.

-The "Titles" one is OK on web and on mobile (android).

-The "People" one is OK on mobile but on web is a nightmare. The only way to add someone is to: go to my profile-your lists-select the list-edit-go to the bottom-type or paste the name-select the name, if there are more with the same name is a puzzle since there is no picture available. Also, a funny thing (not) on web you can add the same person multiple times, on mobile is OK. To remove someone is also a multi steps action. Why it isn't like on mobile, so simple, so useful? The only order options are "List order" and "Date added". The mobile one have "Name". Oh, why not also on the web? And make an option to save it like this.

-The "Images". Oh boy, I saved the worse for last. On mobile there is no way to add any picture to a list. On the web you need to go to my profile-your lists-select the list-edit-go to the bottom-paste the image URL. Wow! How about an option to any image to add it to a list?

The mobile site is worse, but as long as there is the app, I can forget about it.
The look, the feel and the experience of the site is so outdated!  And all this from one of the biggest and richest company in the world?
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