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Saturday, March 16th, 2024 2:54 PM



I have an Issue opening critic reviews In app

Hi, I recently completed "Community" (Great series) and I was wondering what opinions Critics had about this series.

So, I opened the "IMDb" app I went to the "Critics reviews" section, I clicked one review so It would open Chrome (which I set as the default browser before eventually clicking It) and... It did open Chrome, however It never gets loaded no matter how many minutes you leave It "loading", It says "Welcome to chrome" and keeps loading. So yeah, that's my Issue I can't get redirected to the "Critics reviews" sites. I clicked many of them even tried different show/movie, I still get the same problem. Also my "chrome" app works perfectly fine outside of that and It's literally where I am writing this text.

I have the latest version of "Google chrome" app and "IMDb" app, my device Is Poco X6 5G and I run Hyper Os 1.04 (which could be the reason behind my problem considering how new Hyper Os Is).

I hope someone will help me resolve my problem, Thanks for your time

P.S picture of my problem:




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1 month ago

@aphelekes Thanks for the problem report, however, this not a bug in the app.  It appears some of the links to the reviews lead to a site which is no longer operating; the links have been removed now.  If you notice this on other titles in future, you may request their removal via the edit links which can be accessed via the equivalent page on the IMDb.com website.