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Tuesday, January 21st, 2020 1:16 PM


FEATURE: Watchinglist or Calender under my profile showing Air dates for content I am following....?

I would like to have a schedule for air time on the TV shows and Movies that I follow or wish to see. Similar to for TV shows for instance.

Watchlist: I use it for list of TV shows or movies that I wich to see.

Watchinglist or Calender: List of TV shows that I am currently watching, including:
Air Date / Time / Show name / Episode / Episode name. Thich box [Seen]. Once I press seen it is removed from my Watching list / Calender.

This to keep better track and get notifications on when my next episodes is airing or when a movie is debut in my country. 

(For imDb, lots of valuble data on peoples watching behavours on which shows they are acctually continuously watching and easier for cinemas to push ticket sales and sell them adds etc or something....).



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4 years ago

Are you aware of the existing Watchlist feature on IMDb?
Watchlist FAQ
and the email settings for it?
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