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Thursday, December 27th, 2018 5:40 PM


Complex organising ( Manual organising and 10+)

I have 2 ideas for the list organisation.
1. This is the more serious one, I see that I can organise my lists by my imdb rating and I am currently using that option. But you know, there are more shows with the same rating but not as good. I would love if I could organise them manually. So the shows with 10 rating would be organised from best to least best.
2. Speaking of rating 10, some shows are 10 but not as good as sopranos or breaking bad and I cant put them on 9, they are still 10 but not as good as the classic shows. So I would love a 10+ rating. But hey, this is just a wish. Focus on introducing the first idea, I need it!
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