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Sat, Dec 18, 2021 11:10 PM

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Add some features to the list


We have a big problem adding videos to the list :

If someone who has just joined IMDB recently ,when they want to add old movies  they has trouble sorting movies which have seen them in the past because they can only sort them in two ways ( List order - Date added ), "Date added" can not be used for old movies and "List order" has it's own problem for example : Hard to change rank by numbers , moving movies is unavailable in IMDB android version

And also it has a lot work for sorting movies (for example by IMDB rank) we must extract all movies and their IMDB rate and list them in the paper then import them to the list by high ranking ...

I know we have sorting options in list view after saving the list But it is not a default option

  1.  all I say is that when editing or creating one list we need all sorting options (not two of them) for example : popularity - alphabetical - IMDB rating - My rating - release date ...
  2. Or we can have default view option for every list , for example list1 default sorting is view by release date and list2 default sorting is view by popularity

For now the default list sort view is just "list order" or "date added"

also  solving problems in IMDB mobile version that can not delete movie from list or changing its order

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