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Wed, Sep 8, 2021 6:01 PM

Zombie Movie Title??

I am trying to find out the title of a Zombie movie where two brothers and other college aged people are having a party in an apartment...one of the brothers is constantly messing up, not caring about much of anything. Something happens outside, I think they run outside, then back in but one girl is hurt...they lay her on the floor and she comes to and raises up and bites someone leaning over her. 

Later on, they are on the run and must be ever watchful of the Zombies. They learn that the military is going to bomb the town so they need to get to the beach. They try and do so, encountering packs of Zombies along the way. SPOILER FOR THE ENDING: The brother who always messed up was running away from a pack of Zombies and was relieved he got away, he stopped to catch his breath and a Zombie came out of the cuts at him and attacked him. He told his brother from above on a rooftop, and also told his brother to get to the shore, so he and a girl went running, actually limping along, as one of them was hurt. As they neared the beach, they saw the bomber airplanes flying toward the town to bomb it. Does anyone know of this movie and what it is titled? This is all I can remember. Thank You!