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Wednesday, March 15th, 2023 11:48 PM

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Where & who's in combined animated & live action of TEEN WOLF?

​IMDb had an entry of a  TV/Short Movie title of Teen Wolf version of where it’s an animated wolf & real redhead  woman against a police line up or at least had lines that looks like that behind them which came out (2010) & i don’t when searching for Teen Wolf on IMDb.com but now can't find this entry of the combinad animation & live action (Not MTV version) who & where to find more info? (Could have been a FOX Channel related?)​

​(I’d post an image but the last 2 times my posts have an image been deleted where no reason or any message explains why? Exactly since it was on IMDb.com & only wondering really why this version I saw on IMDb.com entry is now gone when I try searching for, only been curious to know more since it is a info on TV/Movie stuff related tobut since they had it on there I thought it only help was NOT taking credit only an trying to find out more about that’s all​

​If anyone could help or if someone who has been deleting the previous of my last & only posts has what this version of this was?​

​Or at aleast tell me why they were deleted? I came in here trying to find info on why & where I can find out more & ONLY had this picture from IMDb.com to go from since now I can’t find that title entry of the combined animation & live action Teen Wolf entry?​

​thank You!​

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