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Sun, Jan 16, 2022 10:46 PM



What movie am I searching?

Hello everyone : )

I'm thinking a lot about a movie I did watch as a child, but I'm not able to find it.

Not so long ago I saw Jennifer Connely in my recommendation and thought that she could be the actress, but that wasn't the case...

I even think the actress was even better looking, maybe the most beautiful girl in the world :D, or at least was, because it must be a movie from the 80's or 90's.

So, I'm going to describe what I remember... Worst of all, I didn't understand what they said...

I remember a family with a Father who served the military, a mother and a teenage son. Who bought a house, wich was previously owned by that girl I described.
That girl comes back eventually and after a while they took care of that girl, who seemed to be very depressed.

She took a bath in that house and there she tries to commit suicide to take way to many pills, but the mother finds her on time.

Later that girl, father and son goes somewhere, to help the girl with something.

But unfortunatly, the son got shot and didn't survive.

At home the father gives I think pills to his wife while she's sleeping, so that she dies.

He himself did wear his uniform to commit suicide by using a plastic bag.

The girl later finds them.

Also a specific movie scene where the girl did climb a ladder, she was discussing with some guys working a roof.

But they were laughing and that girl jumps of the ladder frustrated, but she steps on a nail!

That was a scene I didn't like, especially those cute feet!

I'm not sure wheter in the beginning of the movie she was drinking water while beeing nak3d.

Yes, yes for the girl I also want to watch that movie again :D

But more because I didn't understand the story, because I was way too young and not understanding the language.

I would be very thankfull when someone knows about wich movie I'm talking, can't find the movie while even describing these scenes on Google or YouTube and even MovieFinder...



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Il y a 4 m

@Zakspeed2  The actress is indeed Jennifer Connelly and the film is The House of Sand and Fog 

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@Col_Needham​ I could give you a kiss, thanks a lot!