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Tuesday, June 27th, 2023 9:04 AM

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What is this 60s or 70s espionage thriller?

Hi all.

I think this is a 60s or 70s cold war spy thriller, but could be an international crime thriller.

I remember that the location of the movie was possibly at a European Expo, and one scene is stuck in my mind:

A man, a scientist I think, is the target of an assassination plot.

They assassins decide to deliver a parcel bomb to him disguised as a present.

The present/bomb is delivered, and the assassins realize, too late, that he has his family and grandchild/child with him and they end up killing them all.

I think this takes place in a European city where an Expo is taking place.

I thought it may have been Quiller, or the Naked Runner, but don't think so.

Any help is gratefully appreciated.

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