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Sunday, April 7th, 2024 11:28 AM

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What is the title of this movie?

I'm looking for the title of a thriller I saw as a child. It was probably a TV movie. It was on Polish TV around 2011, but it wasn't natively Polish. It was about an epidemic of a virus that causes coughing up blood. The main character's husband became infected with this virus, was taken to hospital, where doctors examined him and tried to cure him. It seems to me that the woman regularly came to the hospital to hear from the doctors how her husband was doing and whether there was any progress in investigating the mysterious disease in order to find a treatment for it. But the doctors were helpless, they couldn't save him, and he finally died. Shortly after his death, a terrible scene took place in which a woman returns home and finds that her daughter has also been infected with this virus, finding her ominously pale and coughing blood into her hands. The daughter was maybe 12-13 years old and had long, straight, loose hair, probably dark blonde. Some other person, who asked in some Facebook group, probably also about this movie, wrote that this virus caused such a strong cough that it resulted in broken ribs and punctured lungs.

Trying to find this movie, I typed in all the words and phrases that fit it into Google. I also searched the Polish telemagazine in the same way. I also searched IMDb thoroughly using keywords. I checked a huge number of articles that mentioned films about epidemics. I also searched carefully on the Wikipedia. And I still haven't found the movie. So it's definitely not one of the famous movies like Contagion, Outbreak, Carriers and so on. It's definitely an extremely little-known film. I even reconstructed what this scene with daughter looked like using AI.

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