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Tuesday, September 19th, 2023 2:12 AM

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What is the movie?

Hey All,

I am looking for a film. Information i remember is vague but i will do my best.

- 2 brothers, 1 girlfriend.

- I think the brothers fight at the end and one gets badly hurt/killed.

If my memory serves me right,

Brother 1 and girlfriend are happy. Brother 2 comes to stay and starts to get feelings for the girlfriend. This escalates through the film. ( I think the girl starts to fall in love with both ) but could be wrong.

Set in USA/ i kinda keep picturing one of the brothers having a cowboy hat!

All i know is i watched this film many years back and think its a little older and really want to watch it again.

help :)

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4 days ago

Worth mentioning it is not the vicious kind film