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Sun, Nov 21, 2021 10:00 PM

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Vintage B movie with gory knife fight

This is a hazy recollection of a film I saw as a kid, which really shocked me. Trying to find out which film it was.

The premise involves a man re-uniting with an old friend who's become some kind of a hated gangster somewhere with a majority black population

(might be in the Caribbean or similar, not sure). 

Midway in the film there is a knife fight between a white guy and a black guy, where the black guy seems to be winning at first. At some point a broken bottle is used. The fight ends with the black guy on his knees covering his face, and the white guy slashing his hands with a knife, saying something like "Don't you ever try this again..."

In the end there is a confrontation and a fight between the protagonist and his old friend.

Any ideads which film this might be??

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3 d ago

I have a couple of guesses.  The first one that comes to mind is Commando where Arnold Schwarzenegger fights first Bill Duke (about the middle of the film) and then Vernon Wells (at the end).  The two characters weren't really friends, but they had fought in some sort of military unit together.  


My second suggestion is one that I never saw, but I remember it coming out back in the day.  It was called Exposure and had Peter Coyote in it.


Best of luck.