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Monday, January 29th, 2024 11:38 PM

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The Best Years of Our Lives Flashback Scene

The Best Years of Our Lives is one of my favorite movies. In my memory, there is a scene in the movie that is not included in the current TCM version or the Blu-ray or the HBO DVD. Fred is in the drugstore selling perfume to a woman, and her son, Dexter, catapults a glider into the air at which point there is an obvious edit in the above versions of the film. In my memory, after the glider has been launched and Dexter pretends to shoot it down, Fred has a flashback of a burning plane and then there is a close up of Fred's perspiring face with desperation in his eyes, then the glider swoops down into the hands of Peggy. Does anyone else recall that flashback sequence? If so, do you know of an available version of the film which contains the flashback?

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