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Saturday, September 4th, 2021 8:49 AM

Tape Suffocation Death Scene

Feel kinda odd asking this, but I'm not sure where else to go. I've been looking for the movie this scene is from for a long time. A woman is tied to a chair, and a man wraps tape around her mouth and nose, which eventually ends in her doom. None of my friends know what I'm talking about, or if the movie even exists. An Asian woman is in a purple dress (I think?) in a dark room. I always wanted to know the context, if her killer got what he deserved... unless she was the bad person? Idk

This might be a foreign film, and the scene only lasts a few seconds. Thanks for the help!

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3 years ago

Try these possibilities:

 The New York Ripper (1982)

 Perfect Skin (2018)

 Kidnapped (2010)

 Shuttle (2008)

 Die Watching (1993)

 The Bone Collector (1999)

The Den (2013)

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3 years ago

There are some pretty adept movie searchers on this forum.

The more detail you can give the better and especially if you remember a language (English or non-English is even helpful), and especially if you can give even a rough sense of the release year (ie "I watched it 10 years ago, and it looked kind of like a 90s or 2000s film").

I've seen a similar scene, but it was a white male victim, so not your film.

Good luck!

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@aamirmurtaza6754 That's the thing, I don't remember anything else about the movie. It looked new, with the 16:9 aspect ratio and HD, so it definitely was sometime in the past 10-15 years, I guess?


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@akhtr90​ It is DIE WATCHING 1993. I think it was one of the first scenes.