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Wed, Nov 3, 2021 5:21 AM


Seinfeld: 7:3 The Maestro. The security guard actor

In the Seinfeld episode, The Maestro (7:3), the security guard who George gives a chair to, is listed as being played by Gary Yates. The only Gary Yates who is an actor I could find in a Google search is white, while the security guard is black - with no resemblance. Watching the movie, Fame (1980) the other day, I could not get over the resemblance, both visual and vocal, of the actor Gene Anthony Ray, who played Leroy in the film, to the security guard. Even though the Seinfeld episode appeared 11 years after the movie, the resemblance of the actor in the film to the Seinfeld character is undeniable. Is it possible that Seinfeld made a mistake in crediting "Gary Yates" as the actor playing the security guard? If you get a chance to compare the actor, Ray, in the film, to the security guard in The Maestro, you will likely see the strong resemblance between the two.  IMDb does not list Ray as having appeared in Seinfeld, but since the Seinfeld episode credits that part to Yates, this is not surprising. Please let us know if you agree with me - Gene Anthony Ray, who died in 2003, is likely the actor playing both parts.

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Il y a 3 d

The actor in question is, in fact, Gary Yates, a talented actor of TV, film, and theatre and acting instructor at Clark University Atlanta. I happen to know because he's my cousin. But I can see how you might mistake him for the late actor Gene Anthony Ray, as there is a definite resemblance.