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Sunday, February 11th, 2024 2:08 AM

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Searching for movie

I’m not sure of the time this was released but I think I saw it in the early 80s but can’t be sure if that’s when it was released. It was on TV so could have been a made for tv movie. 

The setting was a period piece or gothic romance. Before the 19th century.A woman who was betrothed was sent to stay with gentleman’s brother while he was away… It may have been a war but I don’t remember. The brother I believed lived in a castle and was pretty well off? He had stipulations for her staying  there and I think it was she needed to care for him etc but was restricted from either looking at him or speaking to him or maybe it was both. I think he slowly lifted the restrictions and they fell in love right when her betrothed was arriving back. She was looking out a window, I think and seen him approaching. That was at the end but not sure how much more happened at that point. I think it had a beauty and the beast type of scenario. 

I would be ecstatic to find what this movie was!

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