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Wed, May 4, 2022 7:37 AM

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Private detective movie from late 80’s or early 90’s


I’m desperately looking for a movie from my childhood.

There was this funny detective. He was wearing a trench coat, a felt hat and he had a beard.

Whole the movie he was after a criminal. In the end of the movie he was coming to a party. Met with the wife of the criminal and they started fighting. She had short black hair. If I’m not wrong that wife was the criminal himself, he had a gender change operation to hide.

If I remember the details correct it was a super unique subject, but couldn’t find the movie all these times.

Any help will be appreciated.


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10 d ago

I strongly doubt this is the right movie, but parts of your description reminded me of a movie from1987 called Slam Dance.  Specifically, it was the description of the ending taking place at a party and the fight with the woman with short hair.  However, there is a lot arguing against this being the right film.  The protagonist was a guy on the run, not a P.I. and I don't think he wore a trench coat.  There was an unusual, for the late 80's, gender issue to the solution of the mystery, but it did not involve a sex change.  The trailer is on Amazon just in case.  


Good luck with your search. 

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@JRD I checked the trailer, some scenes, photos. It's not Slam Dance.

But for a second I thought it might be this one. Because date fits, the movie has a very low rating so it's not easy to find a lot of people knowing it and a lot of details are blurred as I watched it only once when I was a small kid. So there maybe a lot of differences from the clues I gave.

Anyway, thanks for the reply.