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Sun, May 8, 2022 10:39 PM

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please-name of a series about businessman serial killer, in asian country offers money to asian girls in exchange for their life

I started to watch a  tv series in 2021 I think it was, about a serial killer businessman, businessman by day and by night time drives around with his asian man servant around the streets of maybe japan or somewhere like that, where the business man will point out some poor asian girl on the street, then he instructs his asian servant to go get girl/woman and bring her to the car, where she will then be offered a hot meal and bath at the serial killers house, he then makes an offer of a large sum of money to the girl, in exhange for her life..she has 24 hours to think about it, one girl goes off with the money and starts spending it on her baby and then they come find her and she has to give up her life..he makes them bathe and slits their throats..another woman he tells that he knows she has a sister in hospital with a life threatening disease and that he will pay all the money to save her in exchange for her life..many thanks if you can help

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