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Saturday, September 2nd, 2023 8:22 PM

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Pleaseeee I need help urgently in finding a movies name

The movie looked a bit oldies, there was a young man who had like blonde hair he was in an enchanted area sort of he saw a stone that had like a silver key structure inside it he removed it from the stone but nothing happened,he then proceeded to touch the silver stone with his palm then a purple light that has like flowered purple shape emerged.Then the system spoke to him asking him if he would like to assume charge and he agreed.

that’s the only part I saw please I will be very happy if anyone can help!Thank you 

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3 months ago

Define "oldies".

To a Gen Zer, 90s / 2000s is "oldies".

To me, 70s and before, or even early 80s, is "oldies"

To some fossil like @dan_dassow I don't know what is "oldies" (j/k Dan 😂)


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3 months ago

Laserblast maybe?