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Wed, Apr 20, 2022 12:57 AM

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Okay, this one's a long shot...

On an old VHS Disney movie my family had growing up (I want to say Condor Man or one of the Herbie movies), there was a trailer for a movie and I want to know what the movie was. A trailer for "Watcher in the Woods" was either before this trailer or after it, then there was this trailer - and it may have even been a compilation trailer, of sorts, of various horror movies. It featured the Beatles song "Help!" and a bunch of like, creepy Victorian sculptures/statues that had come to life. 

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Il y a 21 d

Perhaps this was it?

The Enchanted Castle (1979- )



The children soon find that the ring has other magical powers such as making the "Ugly-Wugglies" (Guy Fawkes style dummies they had made to swell the audience at one of their play-performances) come to life. 


I wonder, since I have to fill more lines for my review to be accepted, if it was also the source of one of the most disturbing images from my childhood - a town meeting from which all the attendees emerged as faceless men with sacks instead of heads.

I too remember watching the enchanted castle and have the life scared out of me by the wuglies,they were the fake audience created by the children for their play,i think.when the wuglies came to life and tried to chase the kids through a hole in the wall,i never slept peacefully again

I know the name after almost thirty years of occasionally asking British people, "Can you remember a TV programme - probably in the late 1970s - where a group of children make some dummies to serve as the "audience" to a play they were putting on and the dummies came to life?" Cue years of blanks stares!

That is all I can remember from the programme but I was utterly petrified. One child rubbed a "magic ring" and said that she wished that the dummies would come to life. You had forgotten that and then the dummies started clapping at the end of the show. I remember them then chasing the children through a tunnel.