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Thu, Apr 8, 2021 4:52 AM

Need to find the movie name

I remember a movie scene where the brother kisses his sister , both of them are depressed because of their parents death , I have been trying to find the name of the movie but I cant. I have scoured the youtube still I cant find it. It was in youtube for sure like before 1 year and it somehow got deleted. Do any one of you know the movie name ?And last the brother refuses to kiss any further and the sister become mad at the boy. They were going through a lot , I need to find the movie name. 


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3 d ago

Possibly "Flowers in the Attic", at least that's the only film immediately coming to my mind on the topic of brother/sister kissing. Good luck.  Remember there is a newer version as well, made I think 2014? (search for it)

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@analogkristin this is not it. The one I saw is a newer one. It's not the flowers in the attic 2014. 


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3 d ago

It might be the 2010 film "Consent"

Here is the trailer.

The scene I think you are describing can be found on some porn sites if you google "troian bellisario brother disturbingly close relationship" but I couldn't find it on YouTube either.