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Thu, Sep 22, 2022 5:25 PM

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Need help trying to find a film.

There was this film I watched when i was a teen so thinking 90's. I cant remember much about it but its driving me mad. 

It was and American gang culture film with young gang members. The only things i can remember is a scene where i think the mum flushed her kids drugs down the toilet and a really vivid scene where a kid stands his ground against a rival gang, takes off his belt in the street and starts whipping it towards another gang member and whilst doing that another kids comes up to him and shoots him in the head. It cuts straight to the mum who if i remember lives in an apartment and checks all her kids to make sure it wasn't one of hers. Not 100% but I think the gangs wear the same colour to identify themselves, I seem to remember yellow scarves or bandanas or something like that (my brain might be lying)

Hopefully that scene stands out to someone.


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