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Thursday, August 11th, 2022 3:20 AM

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Name this movie where an Asian actress is slaughtered like cattle

I saw a movie maybe 15-20 years ago and can't remember it.

Only thing I can remember is that an Asian waitress (kind of a slave or test tube human or something like that), finally gets to 'retire' after years of service. 

They all treat it like going to heaven.. it's like all the staff are raised to believe the ultimate goal is to make it to this next place so they work hard until their day comes.

Then she is led away and there is a shot where there are hundreds of similar girls lined up down near a dock of sorts, very dark.

Then they are led into a slaughter room and butchered like cattle. Complete with a shot where they are hung on hooks like pigs.

The idea is they are 'recycled' into the raw material used to grow the next generation.

Dark stuff I know, but trying to name the film? 

Can anyone help?

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10 months ago

A little more recent than your estimate, but I believe that happens in Cloud Atlas (2012).