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Thu, Sep 23, 2021 10:03 PM

Name of British Erotic Drama probably released between the 60s and 70s?

I remember seeing a British erotic drama in the 90s where the movie starts out with a picture of a toy penguin or several toy penguins on a nightstand or table (they also could have been clocks). 

There was one guy who somehow had a job dressing up in a penguin suit for some purpose that I don't know. When he comes home, his partner or wife (brunette) says something like "does the penguin know how to make love?". Not a lot is revealed when they were making love, the image was out of focus and the bed was springy and noisy, which the camera focused on more than the couple.

The guy's partner was beautiful. She was somewhat browned-sking and had straight long hair. However, I remember that she had a female friend whom she went to an indoor pool with and they both swam in it naked (full frontals shown). Strangely, they didn't have sex but it seems like they were playing a game of just cuddling a little bit without any sexual touch or kissing.  

This movie is different from a previous one that I posted about 2 lesbians in bed and then in the shower. 

Does anyone know the name of this movie? Thanks so much. 

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