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Tuesday, November 28th, 2023 5:57 AM

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movie or tv movie man falls in love with sisters and then mother

I viewed a movie or tv movie on YouTube but then it was taken down.  It was in color and probably filmed in 1970 or 1980 about a man in a small village.  There was 2 sisters and their mother or 3 sisters (I am not sure which) living there and this man came to the village and fell in love with each daughter.  The women were trying to find a man to take them away from the village.  One of the women is involved with this man and another and she is wanting one of them to take her away.  The main male character may have been in the military when he comes to the village and then he leaves and the family moves.  The man years later goes to another village and sees either the third sister or mother (which ever the third person was) and recognized her and ask about the other two women and find that one sister has moved away and the other died and at the end of the movie the man is going to get involved with the third woman because she invites him into her house and he goes.  

This may have been filmed in Great Britian or Ireland (maybe the US but I do not think so) but it had the look of a small village and the filming was in the rural areas of the village.  I do not remember the actors and did not know who they were at the time I watch the video.  I remember seeing in the comments on YouTube someone said it reminded them of the play Three Sisters by Anton Chekov but that was not the name of the movie.

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7 months ago

The description you provided bears some resemblance to the 1973 film "The Hireling."