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Thursday, February 29th, 2024 2:34 PM

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Movie help! :-)

Hello to all of you!  If someone knows the name this movie please let me know !!!


Here is what I know.  I didn’t recognize any of the actors in the movie.. maybe the lead male but do not know his name. 

He could be British or Scottish? ... but half the time I do not know that actors even have an accent.. you know what I mean???

Movie was shown on Directv  (yes I called them too) with no luck.

Movie is a maybe a few years old.. but not much..just set in a old fishing village scottish perhaps .

  • A gentleman visits a fishing town/ village maybe in Scotland or Ireland?  A village, a fishing town with a lighthouse just beyond a house that he looks at a lot.
  • The woman he visits name is Amanda McNaughton or Naughton.  She has two small boys Sean and ? she is in her 30’s.
  • Her husband was recently killed in a motorcycle accident along the winding roads
  • This gentleman goes to her house and has paid to stay in one of her rooms.. she is trying to rent a room for extra money.
  • She gives him her and husbands old room and explains that it’s the best in the house and hes paying the money for the best and that’s it.  
  • Her mother in law also lives with them or seems to be there an awful lot – she does talk to the gentleman about her son. She walks in on him when he is snooping in Amandas bed room and sees an Urn.  He as his hand on a pair of underwear by mistake and puts them in his jacket too. The urn simply says DAD.  Placed on it by the boys.
  • The two small boys Sean and ? have a glass jar in a trunk with their names on it (just cant remember the second name) and the small one tells the gentleman that they have their dads breathe in the jar from the hospital. ☹
  • The man snoops around a lot and there is a man in the town or village that seems to be interested in Amanda but he was her husbands best friend.
  • He is curious about the gentleman and watches him a lot.  When the gentleman finds the “motorcycle” that was wrecked as its covered in a tarp he becomes suspicious and asks him if he is from the insurance agency

               Regarding the accident.

  • There are some funny moments in the movie when the gentleman reacts to things in the movie.. hes kinda got a silly sense of humor.. but this dogs keeps following him in town all the time. So he takes a stick and throws it pretty far out in the water for the dog.. The dog goes after it and is swimming back when the guy looks down and back up the dog is nowhere to be seen.. so he kinda looks around and walks away. Like did someone see me?

If someone can please tell me the name of this movie I would be so thankful.. 

Debbie S

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4 months ago

There was a British TV series called "The Vet" that ran from 1995-'96 which could be one of the episodes.  There was an actress named Samantha Morton who played a character named Amanda Mulholland in a couple of them.

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Thanks Justin!!  I will look into it.. i really wanna finish the movie!! :-)