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Tue, Apr 12, 2022 5:52 AM



Looking for a weird sci-fi movie

Could you please help? I wached this maybe 20 or 25 years ago.

I remember it starts on a kind of spaceship with a crew in there putting a kind of chip in the head of an android lying on a "bed".

The android is humanoid, but it seems made of a blue soft plastic, and it doesn't have a face, neither fingers on his hand (think like a "blank" body).

Something wrong happened and the ship collapses, killing the crew.

Somehow this "blue android" falls at the Earth.

It start wandering and it finds out that it's possible to impersonate other's appearance.

First, it sees an owl on the trees, so it "mimics" the head to look like an owl (this scene is awful), until it sees a billboard with a man's image, so it takes as it's new appearance and identity.

Near the movie's end, I remember that the android somehow finds a woman on it's journey, and together they managed to save the world by disarming a bomb inside a military facility.

Unfortunately, I can't remember "the middle" of the plot.

The special effects are really cheap and it looks more like an action movie as the plot develops.

Any ideas? Been searching for some months...

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I found it! Thanks to IMDb advanced plot search!

The Tomorrow Man (1996).

Thank you guys!