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Monday, August 21st, 2023 6:31 AM

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I've spent years looking for this 'end of the world' movie...

Hi, can anyone please help me name a movie that I saw? The memorable parts were our hero was a regularly guy who occasionally channeled an alien DJ.
The world came to an end as some virus spread from some leak in a lab. The end was a large look at the earth as the 'dead white zone (engulfed our peacefully waiting hero) spread across, sterilizing the planet.
Can anyone help me?

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3 months ago

Well you didn't give us much to go on but lets start with this: Pontypool 2008



Dead Air 2009


If you can give us more like, Actor name, rough  age, skin color, other known actors, any idea when you seen the movie year, any idea when the movie was made, time period the movie shows, or any more info will help.

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3 months ago

The sounds like a combination of The Invasion (2007), Knowing (2009) and Radio Free Albemuth (2010).

Are you certain you aren't conflating multiple films?