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Mon, May 2, 2022 10:25 PM

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I watched an amazing Children's film I can not find anywhere

Few years back I watched an amazing Children's film in a children film festival. I can not remember the name or the year of the movie. The movie was a European movie as far as I remember. 

The story goes somewhat like this. A boy suddenly got fascinated by magic while watching a magic show of a famous magician. The boys father helps him find a old magician who will teach him magic. The boy started to perform magic trick locally. The boy's father was lumber jack who is afraid of height, as he once fell from the tree.  The boy wanted to know the magic of vanishing box. So, the father went to a festival and watched a magician's vanishing box trick for many times, and figures out how the magic is being done. Then he made a vanishing box for the boy. One of the boys friend volunteers to enter the vanishing box for the boys' first magic show with that trick. But on the eve, after the boy perform the magic, the girl never re-appear from the box. The whole town started talking against the family. They thought the father kidnapped the girl for the money. The boy eventually found the girl, the girl said she planned this "gone girl" situation to make her family realize how much they love her. The boy understood. They arranged a huge magic show with the help of the famous magician (from whom he got inspired in the first place). They made a grand show and made reappear the girl from the box. There was a scene where the father entered the show from the above hanging from wire ( and got out of the height phobia)

I really want to watch that movie again. I want to know the name of the film, the director, the year of releasing and most importantly, where can I watch it again?

Please help me.

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