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Saturday, March 23rd, 2024 9:50 PM


I search for a movie title. Pls Help🫠

Hello everyone. I am from Germany, sorry about my English.😂

I can translate into german if i have to.

I have to find an old horror movie title. 

Its a survival horror from the 2000s, year unknown, maybe between 2004-2010. 

It was a low budget movie, I think. 

There where a group of young people, men and women. They were excited for a game show with price money. The gameshow was in an old factory and outside. There was a woman who could Do Aikido or sth like that, her feet was Cut by a clown killer.

There were 3 killers. A clown, who laughes loud and an Amazone with a bow, the last one i cannot remember. The young people had to survive. There were spotlights, which switches direction and the people try to get into, to save themselves from the killers because of the lights, the killers cannot do anything to the people. In the middle of the movie the Killers took a break of 10 Minutes, in this 10 Minutes the last people could move forward without the fear they get killed. The Killer Clown got killed at 3/4 of the movie because He got attacked by his Axe by a man and Fell into a machine which crushes him. In the End of the movie a young woman, the last, who survived, reached a point where the amazone handed out her a check over a large amount of money and the amazone talked to the producer that the clown was killed and it was not okay for her. The producer was an old man with Glasses and a white Beard and he droves an old bully.

Is there anyone who knows which movie i search? Its not Slashers.

Thank you.

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3 months ago

Hi, Silverwings:

Have you checked Elimination? (aka Jigsaw in Germany)

Jigsaw: DVD oder Blu-ray leihen - VIDEOBUSTER

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Thats it!!!! Thank you.😘