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Sunday, May 5th, 2024 4:50 AM

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I need help finding an old western movie I only watched once a few months back. I only remember parts of the movie but not the actual plot.

So I can only remember parts of this really good black and white western film I watched only once but not actors, character names, or the name of the movie. I need help finding it! I’ll leave a description at the bottom.

sorry if it’s a really confusing summary, I can’t remember the exact plot of this movie :/

there’s this mid to late 30s cowboy who meets this tomboyish younger blonde woman. The cowboy somehow ends up staying with the girl and her mom in their barn. Now the girls mom is Married to an abusive man who the cowboy later kills. They find out that the stepdad is a part of a group of bandits/thieves. When the cowboy goes to investigate the whereabouts of the stepdad and his group, he comes across some Native Americans who tell him that the men attacked some of their own. There’s a shoot out I believe and the cowboy survives. At the end he’s packing up to go and the blonde girl begs to go with him. He asks her something about him being too old for her and what if she gets bored but she ends up going with him.

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