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Tue, May 3, 2022 5:48 PM

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I fear that i am mixing up two movies here or maybe i am not. Please help me find the name of the movie if you can :)

What is the name of this movie, or the names of these movies? (sorry for my english, i hope you will understand what is going on in here)

As far as i remember, the movie starts in a van with a group of friends. I cannot remember where they are heading though. Some also drink while on the road, even the driver is drinking some alcohol. It is nighttime and they have an accident (probably hit a deer or smth). The van is now next to the road, probably next to the trees. I cannot remember this part exactly but once they get out of the van they are not in the same place as they had the accident but more in an open area next to a forest which is not close by. They are stuck in that place and the ones who try to go back to the road come to the exact same place they left. I remember seeing an old barn as well and at specific times some sort of ritual is happening outside that barn/building. There is a female protagonist who is also the final girl in the movie. She hides in that old building along with her friends. One of those friends is not an actual friend though and he is planning to give away the girl to the 'people' outside. The people outside actually burn two of her friends alive but let her live i think. She then discovers a secret room with multiple screens which is owned by that fake friend. The dude planned the whole thing right from the beginning and wanted to shoot a movie with actual people which included killing them. At the end, the female actress is injured but manages to kill him instead while the camera is running.

I remember watching this not too long ago but somehow i forgot about the name so soon and mixed up everything on top of that.

Thank you!

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